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The THOR A1 is a weapon like no other. It holds 50 rounds of 5.56x45mm and delivers the punch of a rifle in the dimensions of a PDW. With the simple press of a button the THOR brings buttstock and foregrip into firing position and delivers 100% CRISAT body armor penetration.

All this is possible due to an innovative new layout, enabled by the "cMAG", a magazine that's curved around the pistolgrip and the "Hammer of THOR", a bolt that moves up and down to reduce recoil and increase the rate of fire.

The THOR A1 can be carried in a holster like a big pistol and quickly drawn and used in CQB. For more stability the springloaded buttstock and foregrip can be opened with the press of a single button.
Both opened or closed, the THOR's innovative cMag can be reloaded quickly with the non-firing hand. All controls, including the bolt catch, magazine release, safety switch and charging handle are ambidextrous and easy to reach.


The keytechnology enabling 50 rounds of 5.56x45 in PDW size is the cMAG. It's made from translucent polymer and positioned around the firing hand. The cartridges are stored in two rows with the last round being rotated 90° into feed position by a helical ramp. Not only is this layout extremly space efficent, it also offers a great weight-balance.


The THOR combines a high RPM with high capacity, demanding and effective cooling system for the barrel and action. To achieve effective cooling the upper receiver is designed to work like an air-pump, moving air, through the weapon from front to back.




Top and bottom: warm air is ejected through the rear fins.

The THOR's polymer body can be painted in every color and texture requested. With the use of a few simple tools the THOR can even be striped and painted in the field.
We always have a huge selection of basic colors and camos in stock and are more than happy to help you with custom requests. Here is a small selection of our work.



The THOR wouldn't be possiblewithout the innovations on the inside. The upper receiver splits up to give you access to all internals. No screws or springs come loose, the THOR is designed the be 100% maintained in the field.
Most internal parts can be removed without any tools for cleaning and servicing. Cleaning utilities can be stored in the buttstock by removing the back plate.

Inside the THOR are 3 main moving parts: The dust cover (green), the slide(blue) and the bolt (red). The bolt is shaped like a hammer and moves up and down on a rail inside the grip to make place while the round is fed into the chamber (orange). When the round is loaded, the bolt closes the chamber and the firing pin ignites the round.

The top side of the receiver features an uninterrupted Picatinny-type accessory rail for sight mountings. Included with the basic configuration of the THOR are two low profile Magpul MBUS PTS flip up iron sights
Additionally a custom designed silencer with integrated rails on the 6 o´clock position is available, for mounting flashlights, lasers or even grenade launchers, if you want to go in silently but leave with a bang.
  THOR PDW A1 - Tactical Hammerbolt Operated Personal Defense Weapon

Size and weight:
Height: 22 cm
Width: 5,4 cm
length (folded): 43.2 cm
length (unfolded): 75.2 cm
Weight: (Empty) 2.5 kg
Weight: (Loaded) 3.1 kg

Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail

Magpul MBUS
back-up iron sights
50 x 5.56x45 Nato

Effective range:
300 m

Maximum range:
600 m

Rate of fire
1000 rpm


Muzzle velocity:
820 m/s

Muzzle energy (E0):
1.200-1.300 Joule



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