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Introducing the EPIC A3 with SIS-Barrel (Solenoid Induction System) and TEC-Shield (Thermal Energy Converter),
the self-powered cal .50 rifle that will never miss a single shot. And that’s just the beginning.
The SIS-Barrel uses four high-powered superconducting electromagnets to change
the projectiles trajectory mid-air, as it leaves the weapon, to always hit your target,
even if you’re not on target.
The EPIC A3 with SIS-Barrel is the most accurate traditional ammunition shooting system
in the world and the only handheld firearm that can hit targets without the need to aim.
The SIS-Barrel is powered by the TEC-Shield, a high performance peltier element designed to instantly
convert part of the thermal energy of the fired bullet into a short burst of high voltage electricity.


The TEC-Shield is a next generation solid-state thermoelectric generator using the “seebeck effect” to instantly convert the extrem heat and pressure from a ultra-short barrel fired cal .50 round into a high voltage burst of electricity, lasting about 2.9 milliseconds, just enough to influence a flying projectile mid air.

It's not magic: The SIS-Barrel can change the trajectory of any standard-issue cal .50 round to hit a target,
and is also fully compatible with DARPA's revolutionary new EXACTO guided round.

12,7 x 99 MM NATO

Even though the EPIC A3 is packed with cutting-edge technology, it doesn't require any special ammunition to operate. The SIS-Barrel can change the trajectory of every metal-based standard-issue cal .50 ball, tracer, armor-piercing and incendiary projectile.


The EXACTO (EXTREME ACCURACY TASKED ORDNANCE) is the first ever guided small-caliber bullet and fully supported by the EPIC A3's targeting system, allowing you to hit even fast moving and direction changing targets with extreme accuracy.



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